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December 2007



New (not really so new) Board ElectedÖ


The Board of Directors for 2008 is composed of Ray Biggart, Frank Corbeil, Sarah Hengstebeck, Steve Leonard and Barb Peacock.† Steve Leonard was elected without opposition, and Frank Corbeil was appointed to fill the vacant Board position that had come about because of a lack of nominations.† Ray was elected president, Frank as vice-president, Steve as treasurer, Barb as secretary, and Sarah as member at large.


ÖAnd One Member Leaves


A tip of the hat from all to Norm Moffitt, who decided not to run for re-election this year.† Normís work as treasurer was exemplary, and thanks and best wishes go with him as he leaves the board.


Tidy Up, Tidy Up


The dumpsters, and the sometimes-deplorable state of them, were hot topics at the annual meeting in November.† As has been done in past years, garbage pickup has been increased from twice a week to thrice weekly until the end of April.† Nonetheless, some folks just donít seem to understand how the system works.† Here are some doís and doníts:


        Donít put trash beside the dumpsters; the city wonít pick it up;


        Consider donating some of what you consider trash to a charity.† The Salvation Army and Goodwill are both just up Missouri Avenue, and both would be happy to have some of the lamps and furniture thatís recently been thrown out here.


        Donít overfill the dumpsters; if you have more trash than a container will hold, move to another container; and


        Probably most important Ė break up boxes.† Empty boxes take a lot of container space if left whole, and prevent others from using the containers themselves.† It takes just a moment to break up a box, and as the holiday season approaches, taking the extra minute becomes more and more important.