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The Annual Meeting of November 13, 2007 was called to order at 7:24 p.m. by Ray Biggart.  A quorum of 73 members, either present or by proxy were represented (sign in sheet attached).


Proof of Notice of the meeting was delivered to all owners and posted on the property September 13th and October 19, 2007.


The minutes of the 2006 Annual Meeting were posted on the property and approved as posted.

Motion, made by Peter Priston, seconded by Richard Cassidy and carried to approve the 2006 minutes as posted.


Report of Officers:


President Ray Biggart reported that many projects were completed this year; Trees were trimmed; Pool was resurfaced; New Pool Deck was installed with Pavers; Lighting on the grounds was completed and new Mailboxes were installed.  President Biggart thanked the Board members for all their hard work in accomplishing these projects.


Vote on Financials:


Vote on changing review to compilation                   Yes      59        No       7


The vote on changing the financial was approved by the membership.  Fifty-one percent (51%) of the membership (in person or by proxy) at a duly called meeting is required to approve these changes.  This was verified by the counsel for the Association.


New Business:


President Ray Biggart announced that only one (1) candidate stood for office, Steve Leonard, therefore, no election was required.  Ray introduced and welcomed Steve to the board.  The Board was then required to appoint one (1) more director to fill the other vacancy.  Frank Corbeil expressed his desire to remain on the board with a letter sent to the President. 


Motion, made by Sarah Hengstebeck, seconded by Norm Moffitt and carried to appoint Frank Corbeil to the Board of Directors.


President Ray Biggart thanked Norm Moffitt for all his work the past two (2) years, especially his work on the budget this year in keeping the assessment fees the same as last year.  A round of applause for Norm was received from the membership.








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Annual Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2007



Comments by Unit Owners:


Unit #404 Kristine Body:          Information on the Patios.

Unit # 2704 Peter Priston:         Lighting for the pool area.

Unit #1202 Gerard Docherty    Trash Collection needs to be addressed.  Feasibility of installing a gate in Magnolia Square or stickers on cars to identify owners

Unit #1204 Marie Cintora         Trash overflows and boxes not broken down.

Unit #704 Tim Bogdan Trash possibly being left by outsiders.  Concerns relating to liability with small children riding bicycles and scooters on association property.

Unit #3003 Joan Roos              Camera at entrance of property.

Unit #901 Jens Hansen             Thanked everyone for the beautiful job on the pool area

Unit #801 Wayne Jordan          Suggested dummy cameras to deter vandalism.



There being no further business a motion to adjourn was made by Peter Priston, seconded by Richard Cassidy and carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted





Barb Peacock




Minutes not Approved.