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The Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday November 10, 2009 at the Association Clubhouse.


Present: Ray Biggart, Frank Corbeil, Sarah Hengstebeck, Steve Leonard, Barb Peacock, Manager Joyce Adams 

Unit Owners present: Sign-in sheet attached


1.   Appointment of Inspectors of Elections:

Motion made by Avery Smith and seconded by Peter Walsh to appoint Avery Smith, George Dale and Marie Dunnigan as inspectors.  Carried.


2.   Election of Directors:

Frank Corbeil and Wayne Jordan were elected.  Steve Leonard was thanked for his hard work.


3.   Certifying Quorum - Call to order:

The meeting was called to order by President Ray Biggart, at 7:20 p.m.  A quorum of 75 members, either present or by proxy were represented. 


4.   Proof of Notice of Meeting:

Notice of the meeting was delivered to all owners and posted on the property September 9th and October 16th. Copies are attached.


5.   Reading and disposal of unapproved minutes:

Motion made by Barb Peacock and seconded by Sarah Hengstebeck to approve the minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting as posted. Carried.


6.   Report of Officers:

President Ray Biggart:

The budget and the grounds are in good shape.  A survey that was sent to owners a couple of years ago showed that maintaining the assets is a priority.  Work will be done on the palm trees in the next few months.  The clubhouse will be dealt with next and another survey will be sent out to solicit owner input.


 7.   Reports of Committees:



8.   Unfinished Business:



9.   New Business:

Vote on changing review to compilation:

Yes 43.  No 14.  Carried.


10.   Open Forum:

Unit #2704 Peter Priston appreciates lower property taxes.

Unit #3002 Ron Somerville thanked the Board for their work over the past year.

Unit #3201 Harry Graham explained why we need signs forbidding skateboarding and scooters in the tennis court and pool area.  Ray Biggart responded that new signs have been ordered and the timer on the tennis court lights has been set to turn off at 11 p.m.

Unit #2201 Peter Connolly pointed out a safety concern that a group of students were in the pool with a large raft while small children were in the water nearby.

Unit #2704 Peter Priston asked if we can make it possible to extend swimming hours beyond the present dawn to dusk.  Ray Biggart replied that the Board will be discussing this issue.

Unit #3302 Mel Bailey questioned the collapse of Colonial Bank and take over by BB&T.  Joyce Adams explained that our money is invested in four banks and is insured by the government.  BB&T is a large bank in the U.S. and is expanding into Florida.

Unit # 503 Gerry Murphy asked if any units were in foreclosure and their status.  Ray Biggart explained that all units that were in foreclosure have been foreclosed.  One unit is currently in bankrupcy.


11.   Adjournment:

There being no further business, a motion was made by Steve Leonard and seconded by Ellen Walsh to adjourn the meeting.  Carried unanimously at 8 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Barb Peacock



Minutes not Approved