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The meeting of the Board of Directors was held on Thursday August 16, 2012

at the Association Clubhouse.  Notice of the meeting was posted in various locations within the common property.  A copy is attached.


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jim Cornell, at 4:00 p.m.


Present:  Sarah Hengstebeck, Managers Joyce Adams & Scott Dvorak

By Phone:  Jim Cornell, Norm Moffitt, Barb Peacock

Regrets:  Ray Biggart

Unit Owners present:  Carolyn Sudar


1.   Approval of Minutes of the May 2, 2012 Board Meeting

Motion made by Norm Moffitt and seconded by Barb Peacock to approve the minutes of the May 2, 2012 Board meeting.  Carried unanimously.


2.   Approval of Rentals Units 803 - 3504 - 3602

Joyce stated that all paperwork has been completed and interviews conducted for the above rentals.  Motion made by Jim Cornell and seconded by Barb Peacock to approve the rentals for units 803, 3504 and 3602.  Carried unanimously.


3.  Approval of Patios Units 2104 - 2602

Jim Cornell stated that patio requests for units 2104 and 2602 met the specifications.  Motion made by Norm Moffitt and seconded by Barb Peacock to approve patios for units 2104 and 2602. Carried unanimously.


4.   Discuss fence for pool area

Jim reported that the pool area has been extremely quiet due to the new back gate, increased vigilance by Mark and locked gates around the pool.  Jim suggested that he and Barb work together in the fall on planning for the new pool fence and related landscape.  Barb agreed.


5.   Painting tennis court fence

6.   Painting building

It was agreed to discuss these agenda items together.  Norm stated that four companies have submitted bids for painting;  Lowes provided the lowest bid and has good recommendations.  There is $75,000. in the reserve budget for painting.  Motion made by Norm Moffitt and seconded by Jim Cornell to accept Lowes' quote of $64,980. to paint 36 buildings including the doors, the tennis court fence and the front wall.  Carried unanimously.


7.   Report on installation of back fence gate

Jim Cornell reported that the new back gate is installed with more robust posts and a new commercial lock.  Jim is going to follow up on installation of a transom across the top of the gate.  Scott Dvorak reported that he has distributed 27 back gate keys to owners.  He was asked to order another 50 keys for distribution in the fall.


8.   Report on Current Lawn Care

Sarah stated that some bushes are not being trimmed.  Joyce said that the grass is cut every Thursday and different crews come out to trim.  She agreed that they are not doing a great job and said they may be overextended.  It will be three or four weeks before they can trim the palm trees because they are so busy.  Also, there has been a lot of rain which has prevented Buccaneer from doing the trimming.  Joyce has been getting estimates for the garden areas in front of the clubhouse.  Buccaneer has also provided an estimate.  Jim stated that the downspout needs fixing and that he will repair it with Mark before the planting takes place.  Norm said that the garden should be part of the clubhouse renovation project and therefore funding should come from the reserves.  It was agreed by all that funding should come from the reserves. Joyce will obtain more proposals for the gardens and will follow up with the plumber on irrigation.


9.   Discuss final payment of construction

Joyce reported that the final waiver has been received, the cheque has been paid and there are no liens on the clubhouse.  Norm suggested that the future ceiling in the party room and air conditioning for the office be considered new business.  All agreed.  Jim thanked the renovation committee of Ray Biggart, Joyce Adams and Ardis Rovelstadt for their hard work.


10.  Discuss taxes for Unit 2502

Joyce reported that the 2009 taxes were paid yesterday and that the 2010 taxes are $894.  The renter in 2502 is moving out at the end of this month.  Motion made by Jim Cornell and seconded by Norm Moffitt to lease unit 2502 to a known good renter for $700. a month effective September 1st.  Carried unanimously.


11.  Discuss Arrears

There was a discussion regarding the two units that owe large amounts of money and Joyce explained that she is following up with our attorneys.  Norm voiced a concern about collecting arears in a timely manner and offered a template.  Joyce explained that she is sending 10 day letters tomorrow and it was agreed that we will assess the situation again next month.


12.   Adjournment

There being no further business, a motion was made by Barb Peacock and seconded by Jim Cornell to adjourn the meeting.  Carried unanimously at 5:25 p.m.


Budget workshop meeting scheduled for Thursday September 6 at 4 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Barb Peacock




Minutes not approved