February 2006

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Computer Services Available

The Board has completed updating the computer system in the office, thus freeing up the old computer for general use by residents of Magnolia Square.  That computer, which is internet-connected, sits just inside the office door, and is available when the office is open and not available, of course, when the office is closed.  As a side benefit, and at no cost, the new computer system provides wireless access as well.  You can wirelessly connect your laptop to the net anywhere in the area around or in the recreation building. And our new web site is now open at  Take a look at it; all comments are welcome.


Trespass and Largo Police

The Largo Police Department was authorized some time ago to act as agents for Magnolia Square in the event of trespassing on the property.  The authorization letter is on file at the Police Department, and patrolling officers should be aware of it.  There has been some minor vandalism in the compound recently, and this is just a reminder that if someone is not a renter, guest or owner, he is a trespasser.  If you see a crime being committed, call 911.  For any other incidents, call the Largo Police dispatch number at 587-6730

Owners’ Survey

The results are in, and probably won’t be a major surprise to anyone.  They will all be posted soon, in preparation for a get-together of owners after the Board of Directors’ meeting at 7 p.m. on March 1.


Lawn, Garden and General News

Repairs to the car-damaged wall are completed, and await painting…Dead tree removal is almost complete, and the City of Largo is trimming along its own property bordering ours…A new landscaping service takes over April 1, with tree-trimming and planting of flower beds among the priorities…The road repairs near the rec building will re-inspected and a fresh coat of asphalt applied in early April…The solar panels need to be replaced, and will be when funds are available…There will be a proposal before the Board sometime during the summer to install new, more attractive and compact mailboxes.  Again, at the moment, there are no funds available…Insurance rates continue to rise, with lawmakers talking about adding an even higher surcharge for those without homestead exemptions.  There is little likelihood that Magnolia Square owners will escape another fee increase in 2007.