October 2006

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October 2006


Let There Be Light

Our landscaping firm has trimmed many of the trees, so more sunlight is now dappling Magnolia Square.  Progress Energy should soon be here to trim the trees near the streetlights, so more light will fall upon us at nighttime, too.  The Board is working with Progress Energy on the streetlight issue as well, to determine if there is a better system that would cast more light but not be more expensive.  You’ll be kept posted on this.

New Neighbors

Schiller University, with campuses (campi?) around the world, has left its Dunedin location on Bayshore Boulevard and moved into what was the Pinellas Hospice building just to the northwest of Magnolia Square. Schiller, at this location, teaches mostly hospitality industry students.  Schiller has also applied to adapt a house on First Ave. Northeast into a student residence, housing up to six students.  Despite rumors over the summer, it really will be a student residence, not a group home for whatever group of undesirables the daily gossip was disseminating.

Upkeep Notes

The garden in front of the office building will be planted with annuals the week of October 15...Special thanks to Mark Smith for the hard work keeping the pool in shape and fighting the dark stains during an especially humid summer…And thanks to all the residents who maintain the flowers in their own gardens; they look terrific…New blacktop has been applied at the entrance road, and will soon be covering other areas, and the speed bumps and other markings will be updated…We’ve replaced all the landscape timbers that needed changing

Time for a check-up

If you have one of the original water heaters, installed when Magnolia Square was built in 1975, it’s probably due for a replacement.  Older tanks can -- and do -- start leaking at any time, and the money you’ll have to pay to repair the damage to your home may be more than saved by replacing your old heater now.  The office has a list of reputable firms you might wish to call on.

Please sign in

It happens every year.  People are visiting or renting at Magnolia Square, and have to be contacted.  A call is made to the office, but the resident is never told of it because the sign-in sheet at the office hasn’t been completed.  Or cars are left in visitor spaces and we don’t know whom they belong to.  Please – we can’t find you if we don’t know you’re here.  If you have visitors or renters, make sure they sign in.