November 2006


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New Board Takes Office; Fees Rise

Nope, theyíre not cause and effect.The increase in fees that has been approved and comes into effect at the start of the year isnít because there are new Board members.Itís because, as predicted, our insurance costs rose substantially again this year.By using a new agent, and after literally months of negotiation, the Board was able to keep the increase to much less than it otherwise might be.Nonetheless, it was substantial, and thatís reflected in the 2007 fee structure.There was no election this year, as only three candidates stood for office.The new directors are President Ray Biggart, Vice-president Frank Corbeil, Treasurer Norm Moffitt, Secretary Barb Peacock, and Member-at-large Sarah Hengstebeck.


A Special Farewell

Owners at the general meeting also gave a large tip of the hat to Caroline Sudar and Ardis Rovelstad, who both decided this year to not run for re-election.Both gave years of service to Magnolia Square (Caroline most lately as president, Ardis most lately as treasurer) and devoted hundreds of volunteer hours each to helping keep Magnolia Square the desirable place that it is.Our financial health today owes much to both of them, and we offer our genuine thanks and sincere best wishes.


Tidy Up, Tidy Up, Everybody Tidy Up

Dog owners are reminded that their petsí droppings canít be left as they lie, but have to be picked up and properly disposed of.Everyone is reminded that storage under the stairwells is not allowed. And all of us know that unauthorized vehicles face the risk of being towed away.

All Keyed Up?

Youíve installed a new door, or replaced the lock on one of your existing ones?Then please make sure that the office gets a copy of your new key.There is no telling when an emergency will require entry into your unit.Pipe breaks and other calamities do happen, and damage can increase substantially if entry to your unit isnít easily possible.If youíre leaving a car for more than a few days, the same advice applies.

Library to Go

Largo City Commission decided early in November that its three years of study on the future of the old library building just to the west of us had produced no useful ideas.So the building will be demolished, probably by the end of the year.The site will simply be grassed over, and become part of a larger Largo Central Park.