February 2007

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February 2007

Rules Review Looks At Dogs, Patios, BBQs

The Board of Directors, at its meeting on February 7, asked Secretary Barb Peacock to chair a committee to review the rules that govern Magnolia Square.  This review is not of the documents, the basis of the condominium corporation.  Rather, this review will look at the day-to-day-rules that govern the common areas of Magnolia Square.  Comments and questions directed to the office in the past few months covered such topics as barbecues (where should private barbecues be placed?), patios (despite the policy decision applied some years ago, there continue to be questions) and dogs (why don’t dog owners pick up after their dogs?). Barb Peacock has already scheduled one meeting to gain comments from the owners on these and any other matters that are part of the rules.  If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or advice on possible rule changes, or would like to know more, please contact Barb at 588-2319. Advice from the owners is needed if the review process is to be a successful one.


Security Issues Still Everyone’s Concern

We’ve been relatively fortunate at Magnolia Square in regard to crime.  There have been very few break-ins, and other police occurrences are very rare.  Nonetheless, we can all do our part to maintain our safety.  The Largo Police recommend leaving outside lights on even when -- or especially when -- you’re away from home.  Deadbolts are an effective deterrent.  And remember that the Largo Police have authority to deal with any trespassers on our property.  If you see anyone who shouldn’t be here, call the Largo Police non-emergency number 587-6730.  The best crime prevention measure, however, is still individual watchfulness.  If you see something serious that shouldn’t be happening, call the police.


Winn-Dixie Location Under Review

City of Largo officials are having preliminary talks regarding the now-vacant Winn-Dixie site to the east of Magnolia Square.  First discussions indicate a mixed-use project will be built there, probably a blend of residential, retail and commercial, although any one of those uses could predominate in the final decision.


Board Meeting News & Reports

The Board of Directors meeting of February 7 highlighted news of upcoming improvements and maintenance of the grounds and buildings.

  • The Directors approved a statement of principles that will guide them in their deliberations. The guidelines, based on the results of the major survey of owners taken in 2006, provide that the most important function of the board is the maintenance and improvement of Magnolia Square, and directed this board and future ones to ensure that adequate funding and reserves are available to achieve this goal.
  • As part of this program, the mailboxes, which are 30 years old, will soon be replaced.  New USPS regulations require more expensive boxes than were previously installed.
  • The engineering firm hired to report on the overhangs (one of which fell to the ground) has finished its inspection work and a contract for repair of the overhangs should be awarded soon.
  • The pool and its deck need refurbishment, and this will take place, possibly in stages, over the next 12 months.
  • A walkway will be constructed from the south gate to the roadway near the maintenance shed.

New Lighting Will Increase Visibility

New street lighting in Magnolia Square, to be installed soon by Progress Energy, should provide for increased visibility.  The new lighting, which costs about $5 monthly more than the present equipment, will provide twice the light.  The appearance should also be much more natural, compared to the yellow glow that the present sodium vapor lights produce.  Installation depends on Progress Energy’s work schedule, but should take place in the next few months.