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March 2008


Republication of Rules and Regulations

Your Board of Directors, after a process that took almost a year, has completed the review of the Rules and Regulations that govern Magnolia Square, and adopted them at its meeting of March 3, 2008. This newsletter is notice of republication of these rules and regulations.  This means that all of the new regulations are in effect, and may be enforced by the Board at any time.


While the majority of the amendments were of a housekeeping nature, there are some that are new or significantly amended and that you should be aware of.  Included in that category are:


·            A regulation that prohibits the operation of motorcycles in Magnolia Square (motorcycles already on the premises are grandfathered);


·            A rule that any demolition or alteration of any part of a unit, including major changes to plumbing and electrical, must be approved by the Board and that an application for this approval must be accompanied by an engineer’s certificate and/or a building permit (no building code violations are grandfathered);


·           A more restrictive rule, based on advice from our attorney, regarding the installation of satellite dishes (existing ones are grandfathered);


·          A determination that all rentals of six months and more require Board approval of the tenant.  This applies even to so-called month-to-month rentals;


·           A requirement that the pool shower be used only for rinsing.  This means that “personal” showering should be done at home.


This is simply a summary.  You should rely only upon the complete document, which is attached to this newsletter.  Further copies of the rules and regulations, and any appendices (such as the satellite dish rules) are available at the office.


Please do read the entire document carefully.  It applies to all of us.


Neighborhood News

The Winn-Dixie property to the east of us has been leased to Everest University, formerly Florida Metropolitan University.  Everest is primarily a long-distance learning university, offering classes in such fields as criminal justice, accounting, and medical assistance.  The Winn-Dixie property after refurbishment will be used for administration, lectures and testing….Largo City Commission has given near-final approval to the reconstruction of the old Crossroads Mall, at the southeast corner of U.S. 19 and Roosevelt Blvd.  The new development, called Largo Towne Center, will have 258 housing units, some 800,000 square feet of retail on two levels, a parking garage, and space for commercial offices.  First stores are expected to be open in December, with completion scheduled for 2010