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November 2010

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Annual Homeowners Meeting

The Annual meeting was held on November 16, 2010.  As we did not have the the required quorum of 72 owners, the meeting will be re-scheduled to take place within 90 days.  If you have not yet filled out a proxy you can pick up a form from the office.


Board Elections

The current Board members remain in place for 2011:

Ray Biggart - President

Frank Corbeil - Vice President

Sarah Hengstebeck - Treasurer

Barb Peacock - Secretary

Wayne Jordan -  At Large


Tree Inventory

Are you wondering why there are metal discs on the trees throughout Magnolia Square?  The Board hired a certified arborist to conduct a tree inventory, which is a professional assessment of 324 existing trees.  These trees have been tagged, measured and rated according to their overall health and condition.  The comprehensive report by the arborist will identify potential tree-related problems and make recommendations for their proper maintenance.  


Tennis & Shuffleboard Courts

The tennis and shuffleboard courts will be closed from December 13th until January 1st for repairs and resurfacing.


Florida Water Shortage

The water shortage continues.  Please do your part to help conserve water by limiting indoor water use and using a shutoff nozzle on outdoor hoses so water isn't wasted.



A reminder to all to close dumpster lids after use to help keep unwanted animals away.  To conserve space, break down large boxes (or better still -recycle - take them to a recycling depot).



Over the summer months there were reports of people trespassing on Magnolia property and using the pool.  If you see people who don't belong, call the Largo Police Department at (727) 587-6730.  All Largo Police Department officers are authorized representatives of Magnolia Square Condominium Association.  They can instruct trespassers to leave the property and if necessary make an arrest.


Winter Office Hours

The office is open every day Monday to Friday from 8am to noon.

Office Managers Joyce Adams and Scott Dvorak are available 24/7 with a phone call to (727) 216-6160 or (727) 410-9622 should any emergency occur.


If you have any news or information to share in the next newsletter, please contact Barb Peacock at or (727) 588-2319.