Magnolia Square News

January 2013

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Community Living

I Bought A Condo so What Do I Own?

You own everything from the drywall inwards and from the inside of the ceiling to the top surface of the cement floor.  You have shared ownership of the walls themselves, which are referred to as common elements.  That is, you own an undivided interest in the entire building, together with every other owner.   Other common elements include the grounds, the clubhouse, the pool and the tennis courts.                   Limited common elements include your parking space, balcony and your patio area.

Who is Responsible for Repairs?

If a pipe is leaking inside the walls, everybody pays for it….however, if a pipe inside your unit springs a leak you are on the hook for it.  Do you want to help avoid the problems that come with plugged up toilets?  Our plumbing company advises that Angel Soft breaks down easily and is therefore recommended for the plumbing…and please, no tampons or diapers in the toilets.

We Are All in This Together

Our condominium has governing documents and rules and regulations to help guide how we live together in our community.  Please contact the manager or a Board member for more information.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting of all thirty-six buildings, as well as any necessary stucco repairs has been completed.  Special thanks to Mark Smith for his hard work in trimming all the plants and shrubs away from the buildings in preparation for the painting.  The tennis court and pool fences as well as the BBQ pits all have a new coat of paint.  Lowes Brothers have done an excellent job on this project.

Clubhouse Gardens

Gardens in front of the clubhouse have been planted with palm trees, silverthorn shrubs and purple penta flower beds, topped with black lava rocks.  A new Magnolia sign completes the entrance.

Community News - City of Largo Data center

The Largo Community Development Department has informed us of their plans to build a data center at the far south end of the library parking lot, further away from Magnolia Square than the library.  The building will be one-story, 3300 square feet, built with materials similar to the library and with the same colors and roofing material.  The area around the building will be landscaped along Central Park Drive.

Winter Office Hours

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 12 noon.  Managers Joyce Adams and Scott Dvorak are available 24/7 with a phone call to (727) 216-6160 or (727) 410-9622 should any emergency occur.