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July 2010

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Magnolia Landscaping

Magnolia Square has a large number of trees including large shade trees such as live oak, laurel oak, Southern magnolia and slash pine.  Additionally there are accent trees such as crape myrtle and native sabal palms.  These trees vary in age and condition and have different maintenance needs.  In order to prioritize tree maintenance and identify trees with problems, the Board is looking into having a tree inventory performed by a certified arborist.  This would include a rating of the overall health and condition of the trees and their maintenance needs, allowing us to put into place a five-year plan for their care.


Carport Roof Painting

The carport roof painting has been completed and the carports are looking good.


Recreation/Office Building Survey

The Recreation/Office Building survey that was distributed in the spring of this year has resulted in 45 responses.  Special thanks to Stewart Nicholson for tabulating the survey results.

The responses are listed below with their average scores, ranging from the highest importance to the lowest:

9.5   Having an office onsite is important to me.

9.1   Having a place for parties, receptions etc. is important to me.

9.0   Having a place for the annual meeting and directors' meeting onsite is important to me.

8.3   Having shuffleboard facilities is important to me.

7.9   Having kitchen facilities is important to me.

7.4   Pool/billiards facilities are important to me.

7.0   Having ping-pong/table tennis facilities are important to me.

5.7   With a little imagination the building could be put to better use.

5.5   Having a computer available to the homeowners is important to me.

1.6   We don't need such a building.  We could rent space if we need it.


Board Elections are Coming Up

Elections are coming up this fall.  If you are interested in running for office, this is your chance.  Participation is important and all homeowner's votes matter whether or not you run.



Office Managers Joyce Adams and Scott Dvorak are available 24/7 with a phone call to (727) 216-6160 or (727) 410-9622 should any emergency occur.

If you have any news or information to share in the next newsletter, please contact

Barb Peacock at or (519) 620-0994.