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Rv-April 7, 2016



We hope you will enjoy your stay.Condominium living has many advantages but, like living in a large family, there can be conflicts.The following Rules, Regulations and Procedures form part of Magnolia Square Condominium Documents.


  1. Owners, tenants and guests are requested to register at the office upon arrival.Office hours:

         October 1st thru April 15th †††††††† - Monday thru Friday from 10 am till 2 pm.

         April 16th thru September 30th †† - Mondays and Thursdays from 10 am till 2 pm.

  1. PETS:Dogs over 25lbs\or 18" tall are NOT permitted on the property.Pet Permits must be obtained and signed at the office for pets that comply with the Magnolia Square Documents.Owners should realize that the keeping of a pet carries a responsibility towards all other residents, i.e. cats are not allowed to run because we enjoy our birds and salamanders: dogs (only one per unit) must be leashed, attended to at all times, and ALL DROPPINGS PICKED UP.They can be walked off the property in the park south of Magnolia Square.

  2. Clothing (swimsuits, towels, etc.) and laundry must not be placed outside to dry.Every unit has a clothes dryer.

  3. Automobiles are not to be backed into the parking spaces, as the exhaust enters the units.Cars should only be parked in the numbered, designated, covered spaces or in a visitorís space.No parking on the streets at any time.

  4. Please observe the rules posted in the Game Room, at the Swimming Pool, the Tennis Court and the Shuffle Board Court.If you do not have a key, which opens the doorknobs at the Rec Facility and the back property gate, you can obtain on at the office for $5.00.

  5. No Recreation Vehicles, Boats, Dune Buggies, Campers/Motor Homes, Utility Trailers, or commercial vehicles are permitted in Magnolia Square.

  6. Please be considerate of your neighbors, when using television, radios, etc. especially after 11 p.m.Many of our residents are early risers and need their sleep.Please do not leave chairs, umbrellas, toys, etc. outside overnight.

  7. Barbeque grills are allowed in designated areas only.Obtain grill placement diagram from the office.


Your co-operation is requested.If you have any questions, please contact the office.