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Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors March 10, 2007, Clubhouse, 501 East Bay Drive, Largo FL


Present:  Ray Biggart, Frank Corbeil, Norm Moffitt, Barb Peacock. Excused: Sarah Hengstebeck.  Unit Owners present:  Sign-in sheet attached.


Item 1: Minutes of the last meeting were approved unanimously.


Item 2: Report of the Rules and Regulations Review Committee:


Barb Peacock presented to the Board the report dated March 5, 2007, from the Rules and Regulations Review Committee.  This report is attached to and forms part of these minutes.


The Board considered the items in the report in the order in which they were presented, and took the following action:


I General


1.  The Board will request a legal opinion. Unanimous vote.

2.  Approved 3-1, Ray Biggart opposed

4.  For:  Barb Peacock, Norm Moffitt.  Against: Ray Biggart, Frank Corbeil.  Not approved.

15.  It was the sense of the Board that this change was sensible, but that it required further refinement.  Barb Peacock to rework the wording and bring back to the Board.


II Recreation Facilities


3.  Approved unanimously.

5 and 9:  Same legal opinion request as in I General 1 above.

10. Unanimously referred to the Manager for implementation and enforcement.


III Pets


On this recommendation:  For: Norm Moffitt, Barb Peacock.  Against:  Ray Biggart, Frank Corbeil. Not approved.  The Board instructed the Manager to maintain vigilance in this area, and to ensure that pet agreements are in place.


IV Parking


Parking issue was postponed and will be revisited at a later date.


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Board of Directors Minutes

March 10, 2007


Patio Specifications


Motion made seconded and carried to postpone the patio issue until we receive a legal opinion from the attorney, who will revisit the patio issue.


The Manager was instructed to ensure that the barbecue areas are kept in a neat and tidy condition, and that sufficient propane is available.


 Item 3.  Future Meetings schedule.  It was agreed unanimously that future meetings will be held at 6.30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month.  These meetings can be cancelled by the President if there are not sufficient agenda items to warrant holding a meeting.


Item 4:  Adjournment was unanimously approved at 2:15 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted




Ray Biggart, President