January 2006

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Insurance News

There unfortunately isn’t any good insurance news.  The Board has contacted a large number of agents and companies, but none of them could better the rates we are now being charged.  The Board will continue to seek bids in the spring, when rates will be established for 2006-2007.  The future does not look good.  The State of Florida is imposing a 15 per cent surcharge on policies before the renewals even take place, so we may well be facing another significant increase in dues.


The Wall

The structural engineering firm we hired to examine the damaged wall has completed its work, and the insurer has now agreed to pay for the reconstruction, as well as for the cost of the structural engineer.  Work should begin soon.


Owners’ Survey

Almost half of the owners have responded to the survey on the future course of Magnolia Square.  The results are being tabulated, and the Board will distribute those results well in advance of a special meeting to discuss them, probably in mid-February.


Clubhouse Painting

Many thanks to the volunteers who so cheerfully helped to repaint the clubhouse and the office.  The new color scheme with chair rails has brightened the rooms considerably.


Lawn and Garden

The Board has hired a new landscaping firm, which should result in more attention being paid to some areas, such as the fence lines, which were sometimes overlooked.  There will also be a general tree-trimming and removal of dead plants, and a new and maintained area in front of the clubhouse.  The Largo Parks Department will also be trimming on City property where it abuts ours.


Garbage Bins

The City of Largo will increase trash pickup to three times a week, but wants a six-month payment to do so.  As a result, we’ll start having thrice-weekly pickup in the autumn, running through the winter and reverting to twice weekly in April of 2007.  In the meantime, it would help a whole lot if everyone crushed or folded boxes and other big items before putting them in the bins.  One empty box can take up three or four cubic feet, and that means the bins overflow before they can be emptied.  And please – don’t bring garbage home from work to put into Magnolia Square bins.  We all have to pay for garbage removal, and subsidizing your business isn’t fair to anyone.